Stat Stock works in conjunction with RFID tags. Tags are placed on inventory items such as medications and supplies and then scanned in the StatBox to be added to the Stat Stock system. Various boxes and tags are available to meet your facility needs.


Stat Boxes are where the magic happens! Pick the size that best suits your needs. Circumstances change? Change Stat Box sizes at any time for no additional charge

Large Box Dimensions:

29 3/16" W x 19 1/2" H x 22 1/4" D

Fits tall storage boxes and totes as well as full size crash cart boxes. This box fits everything from small crash cart trays to extra large EMS bags.

Small Box Dimensions:

28 3/16" W x 10" H x 20 1/16" D

Convenient size scan loose meds, crash cart boxes and shorter storage bins and totes. This space saving box is designed perfect for crash cart trays.

Custom Box Sizes Available:

Have a specific size in mind?

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Our RFID tags come pre-printed with a scannable barcode and unique number.

NO printers are required with our service.

The tags work two different ways.

  • Use them as flag labels (as shown)
  • Tear along the perforation and apply as a single label.

It couldn’t be any easier!

Free Installation

We'll send our install team to your facility to tag all of your current stock, assist with kit building and train your staff on our user-friendly Stat Stock system. It's easy to get online with Stat Stock.

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