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    How do I print the RFID tags?

    Unlike other products on the market, Stat Stock RFID tags do not require a printer. Our tags ship with a unique preprinted code. This eliminates the maintenance and cost associated with thermal printers.

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    On how many computers can I install StatStock?

    As many as you want! There is no additional charge to have our product utilized on multiple computers across the facility.

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    Do I need to buy additional hardware?

    Absolutely not! StatStock works with almost any existing computer equipment. We provide everything you need to get started.

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    How much does start-up cost?

    Your only financial investment is in the RFID tags that are applied to the medications & supplies.

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    How long does installation take?

    Up to one week. Our dedicated install team will come on site for a week to tag all of your meds and train your staff.

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